Minimalism for the Win

Minimalism for the Win:

I’ll be honest in saying that creating minimalist interiors requires me to take a pretty big step outside of my comfort zone.  I wouldn’t classify myself as a “maximalist”, but I often feel that minimalist spaces can look cold, sparse, and uninspired.  However, when done correctly, a minimalist space can provide a warm, serene retreat with just as much visual impact as its maximalist counterparts.

I set out to transform my WeHo client’s master bedroom (whose den, living room, and kitchen I previously revealed) that began in this extreme state of “I just moved in and only bought a bed” minimalism:

A Serene, Neutral Bedroom:

To take the look from sparse to sensational, I focused on the following:

  • Clean lines
  • Neutral color palette
  • Variety of textures
  • A well edited selection of accessories
  • Utilizing natural elements (wood, marble, plants, etc.) to add warmth
  • Restrained use of color

A Serene, Neutral Bedroom:

Minimalism for the Win:

The previous two pictures demonstrate almost all of these points.

Clean Lines: The bed, nightstand, lamps, and artwork all have very simple shapes, but keep in mind that not everything has to be rectangular: I used a round, walnut table as the nightstand on the opposite side.  Organic shapes also work well in minimalist spaces.

Neutral Color Palette: The color palette here is a soothing mix of greys, whites, and browns, with the green from the plant serving as the only pop of color on this side of the room.  A few other pops of color would have worked equally well, but I loved the soft look that came from keeping everything neutral.

Variety of Textures: Quilting, linen, flannel, and chunky knits all come together to create depth, softness, and visual interest on the bed.

A Well Edited Selection of Accessories:  There are few accessories in this space, but each one serves a specific decorative or functional purpose.

Minimalism for the Win:

Natural Elements: Walnut, zebrawood, marble, and a few plants keep the space from feeling too austere. The zebrawood credenza from ModShop is my favorite piece in the room! Brass and lucite should also count as natural elements, right?

Restrained Use of Color: While color was definitely kept to a minimum on the bed side of the room, I added a few carefully placed pops of color on the credenza side. My client loved this abstract print, and while there’s a lot of color when you look up close, from further away it feels calm and a bit subdued.

Minimalism for the Win:

Minimalism for the Win:

While not an exhaustive list, that’s a good brief on how to do minimalism without being boring – we’ll call it Minimalism 101, and everyone reading gets an A!  What other ideas do you have for creating minimalist spaces?


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